How the 5s Can Change Your Marriage

Today is January 5.

New week. New month. New year.

With all this newness, I’m issuing a new challenge: “Spend 5 Prayer Challenge”

Spend 5 minutes a day for the next 5 weeks praying for your husband. {And right now, my book, Pray Truth: Praying God’s Word for my Husband’s Heart is only $5!! I think this pre-release price will only last today, so order it quickly! I’m not sure when Amazon will raise the price.}


Definitely doing this challenge!! Who wants to do it with me?

Simple = Doable

Of course you can spend more than five minutes or pray longer than 5 weeks. You can even spend more than 5 dollars on some of my other favorite prayer books, but most of us need a simple, doable place to start. That’s where the 5s come in.

I truly believe that as we begin to develop the daily habit of prayer — as we yield our hearts to God and pray consistently for the hearts of our husbands — God will change us and change him. Consequently our marriages and lives and families will begin to change too! 

What do you think? Are you up for the challenge?


How to Participate in the Challenge

  • Order your book today and spend some time this week reading through the pages preceding the 31 days of prayer. We will begin praying together next Monday, January 12.
  • Like my Facebook page and/or follow me on Instagram or twitterI will be posting daily prayer encouragement there {not here on the blog}.
  • Invite a friend or two to join us! Call her on the phone, share this post, or tag a few friends on Facebook!
  • Start praying with us next Monday!


The challenge will run from January 12 – February 11, ending just before Valentine’s Day. An added bonus is that our focused time of prayer will also be softening our hearts and preparing us to kick off a unique marriage challenge that same week! Hurrah!


Question for You:

Is this a challenge you need? What could keep you from committing to this challenge?


,center>We need to stop fighting WITH our husbands, and start fighting FOR them!


The Word of God not only shapes our lives, it shapes our prayers

The Books Is Finally Here!!

Pray Truth: Praying God's Word for my Husband's Heart -- now available for pre-order!!!  //  A MUST-HAVE book!!
Friends, I am so. very. excited to let you know that my book Pray Truth: Praying God’s Word for my Husband’s Heart is available for preorder on Amazon!

I still have some work to do in getting the book page and my author page set up, but there it is — ready for you.


Why this Book:

I wrote this book a few years ago. I believe in the message of this book, and I believe that God will use this book in a powerful way in the lives and marriages of those who read it.  Many of you who have read early drafts of the manuscript, and I have been so blessed and encouraged to receive your notes sharing how deeply this book has affected you and how God has used it in your lives.

But though I believe God is going to use this book, getting it to this “finished” point has taken what felt like an eternity.

I jokingly blame the delay on having babies or my fear of not getting everything “just right,”  but the reality is that publishing a book like this leaves me feeling all vulnerable and afraid. 

What an awesome calling to share God’s Scripture and to lead others in prayer! {And by awesome, I don’t mean in a “Lego Movie” jingle everything is awesome kind of way. I mean more like the dictionary definition way: extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear.}

What a calling.

I simultaneously want to raise my hands in praise to the God who invites us to be a part of His work and hide out in fear that I might in some way mishandle Scripture or misrepresent my Savior. 

I pray that isn’t true and that God will receive all glory as He works in ways that we couldn’t have hoped, comprehended, or even imagined.


Why Need this Book, too:

The release of this book makes me feel vulnerable in other ways, too.

The thing is: my marriage isn’t perfect.  Like you, we have had our seasons of struggle and areas for growth — we still do!

This book, these prayers, came out of a place of yearning and hoping and a little bit of desperation. 

See, I come from a long line of leavers, and I carried into my marriage wounds and insecurities that threatened me every time my husband and I hit a little rough patch — and we all know that every marriage has a few rough patches. 

But each week, I’d pray with a group of 4 friends, and we found commonalities as we’d pray for our husbands. Similar frustrations, similar hopes, similar concerns and struggles.

Marriage is hard y’all.

It’s a wrestling – with highs and lows and ins and outs and wins and losses.  A marriage is a joining of two people with different personalities and temperaments and backgrounds and styles but both with flesh and a definite sin nature.

Even without the added pressure of job loss or caring for children or the emotional baggage we all carry, a marriage is made up of two distinct people both warring with their own pride, selfishness, and ideal plans.

I asked myself over and over again “Who am I to write this book when we ourselves have so much room to grow?”

But I’m learning over and over again that God takes our woundedness, our brokenness, and uses it for His glory.


This Book is for You, too:

So this book is a labor of love and a gift to you. My deep prayer is that God will use this little book of prayers in a profound way in your life and in your husband’s life.

I really believe that God is going to do something so much bigger than me through this book.

Through this journey we will be praying for more than just the outward behavior of our guys. We are surrendering ourselves to God and praying for the deeper issues of our husband’s hearts.

I have seen how God has changed (and is changing) my husband (and me!) when I pray consistently and specifically for him, and I believe that God is going to use this book to not only change our husbands, but to change us and our whole families and the legacies we live.

"Pray Truth: Praying God's Word for my Husband's Heart" -- Available NOW!

Will you help?

Will you help me get the word out by sharing about the book on social media? Pin this post, tweet about the book, or like and share this post on Facebook.

And if you’ve read the book, please leave a review on Amazon!!


One Thing Your Marriage Needs

4 Scripture Prayers to Pray Over Your Marriage #praytruth #marriage #prayer #Scripture

Marriage is hard! {Can I get an “amen”?!}

My husband and I are currently in a season of 4 small children, crazy work hours, and not a lot of sleep. Factors that, alone, add a lot of stress to a marriage, but combined, can become toxic. I know that many of you can relate because you, too, are in this season of young children, challenging careers, and pressing responsibilities. But every time I express the challenges of marriage during the little years, someone else reminds me that marriage is hard in their season, too!

Marriage can be beautiful and joy-filled, but every relationship comes with its own set of challenges.

One of the most important things we can do for our marriage is to pray for it. We must be praying for our spouse and our relationship!

Read more here.


{I’m over at For the Family sharing 4 powerful Scriptures to pray over and for your marriage!}



I wrote a whole book of prayers based on Scripture for wives to pray for their husbands. I’m giving it away for a short while longer. Get it here, or it will be available for pre-order soon!


Praying for Our Kids — 5 verses to pray

In the past 3 weeks, I have spent 2,471 minutes nursing our newborn baby. Crazy, isn’t it, when you consider how much time is spent feeding a little one?!

To be honest, I have been convicted about how I’ve been spending that time. While it’s easy for me to hop on Facebook or Instagram or get further ahead in one of the books I’m reading, God has been reminding me what a unique opportunity this time is to pray for my children!

The reality is that we have moments like this sprinkled all throughout our days. We might not have 30 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time in the morning, but we do have the few minutes we’re washing the dishes or waiting in the pickup line at camp or sports or school. We have 5 minutes while we clean the bathroom or 10 while we mow the lawn. We have longer stretches on sleepless nights while we snuggle a little one back to sleep.

Will we take advantage of those little moments and take time to pray?

I’m writing over at For the Family today sharing 5 Scriptures to pray over our children. I hope you’ll join me there!

5 Scriptures to #Pray Over Your Child -- and get a #FREE book with #Scripture prayers for our husbands {for a limited time} #parenting #marriage #family


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