Back-to-School Prayers for our Kids

A new school year is right around the corner for our family, and we are potentially facing some big changes.

Like you, I want my kids to transition well into a new school year. I want my kids to love learning, to excel in their endeavors, and have an enjoyable year. I want my kids to like their teacher and get along well with other kids. I want them to have ease and safety and be A-okay.

I really do want my kids to have an easy life — so much so, that sometimes I forget the importance of allowing my kids to experience natural consequences, the growth that comes through facing life’s struggles, and the satisfaction of success after failure.

The protective Mama in me wants to control my children’s circumstances and grant them a trouble-free year, but far more than that, I desire God’s plans for my children, even if that means unexpected circumstances, unwanted struggles, and new experiences.

I don’t want to control or manipulate, demand or impose. I might think I know what is best for my children, but God is the One who sees their hearts and knows their feelings. He is the One who understands them better than they do themselves and loves them more deeply than I ever can. He has a plan, and He knows what He is doing.

God has a plan for my children — for their good and His glory, and I want to join God in the work HE is doing in my children’s hearts and lives.

I’m sharing 4 critical back-to-school prayers for our kids over at For the Family today. Click over to read more.

4 prayers to pray for our kids as they head back to school this year


Make sure to join us as we pray Scripture daily for our kids throughout the month of September!

Scripture prayers for our kids every day this September

Struggles our Men Face

Two days ago we celebrated Father’s Day.

While many ate cake and laughed around the table, others wept for fathers lost or never known. Some ached with disappointment and others were bitter with contempt.

But whether the day was happy or discouraging, there is no other day that reminds me how important it is to be praying for the men in our lives.

Kids need their daddies.

Wives need their husbands.

We all need the men who are grandpas and uncles and brothers and friends to be the men that God has called them to be, to be men who live with courage and faith and humility and grace. Men who love patiently and with kindness. Men whose love is long-suffering and rejoices with the truth. We need men who walk with God.

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5 Struggles men face and what a wife can do to help

Seeing Yourself through God’s Eyes

Today’s guest post is written by Jennifer O. White, author of Prayers for New Brides: Putting on God’s Armor After the Wedding DressJennifer is veteran of one failed marriage and one rescued by the marriage Savior. Praying God’s Word played a critical role in her transformation into a God and husband-honoring wife.

Today’s post is an excerpt of her book. She is also offering us a free download of another very important chapter: Seeing Your Spouse through God’s Eyes.

prayers for new brides on

Your Wow Inheritance

What if you inherited $68 million but you couldn’t take possession of it until you turned 75 years old? You’d be rich, right? But you would have to wait a long time to live rich.

You struggled all of those years but you knew there was hope. And finally the day you had dreamed of arrives. You show up at the attorney’s office to collect your grand inheritance on your 75th birthday.

The new secretary would greet you with a big smile because she knew this was the BIG day. But she has just one question. Why hadn’t you been living on the interest all of these years?

Interest? What? Your mind races through the scrapbook of your last few decades imagining what that interest could have changed for you and your whole family. You sigh, thinking, “How could I have not known?”

When I said yes to Jesus, I knew that heaven with Jesus was in my future. I knew that heaven was going to be a sweeter life than this one. But I did realize He could make everyday living radically better.

Fast-forward to the counseling session where I was introduced to the list entitled “Who I am in Christ.” That list is the interest on my inheritance. And it is yours too.


Live on the Interest 

Saying yes to Jesus changed my spiritual identity. I gained all the privileges of being in God’s family. God adopted me. Jesus bought that privilege for me with His life. But I spent years living as if I were an orphan with a promise of a good life one day.

The truth was in the Bible and I had been reading it. I grew up in church, taught Sunday school, attended a Baptist college and even married a preacher. I thought I knew God.

I left my first marriage in fear that things would never get better. Five years into my second marriage, desperation finally exceeded my fears. God responded to my 911 pleas for His help. As I simply turned to Him, He ran to me. Just as the father welcomed His prodigal son home, God lavished his unlimited spiritual riches on me. 

I am much more to God than I ever dreamed possible. I have a spiritual reality that changes my earthly life and lifestyle. You do too. We have an enemy who does not want us to know God’s role in our lives. But he loses! The interest on the inheritance is yours and mine!


Invest Your Inheritance in Your Marriage

Embracing my place in God’s kingdom has been a journey. Each time I’ve asked for help, God has moved mountains on my behalf. Praying to know God and to know who I am to Him led to a revelation of God as my Mighty Warrior, my Wonderful Counselor, my Redeemer, and my Defender. I am securely held in a relationship with this unstoppable force of love.

The spiritual battle happens in my thoughts, my words, my choices – everything that will affect my faithfulness to love and honor David. Ten years of feasting on God’s Word has trained me to lift up my shield of faith that God is who he says He is and can do what He says He can do. I know that doing what God says leads to peace in my heart and my marriage (Isaiah 32:17).

The shield of faith is part of your marriage armor. When the fiery darts fly in the battlefield of your mind, you must be ready to fend it off with a strong assurance of God’s delight in you. You lift up your shield of faith with declarations of the truth. Here are just a few you can put in your arsenal.

  • God is delighted that I belong to Him. He sings over me and settles my soul with His love. (Zephaniah 3:17)
  • God makes me strong. He lovingly and faithfully guards me from the evil one. (2 Thessalonians 3:3)
  • God is patient with me. His loving kindness prevails no matter what I’ve done. (1 Corinthians 13:4,7)
  • I confidently ask God for what I need. He is my generous provider. (Matthew 7:7, Hebrews 4:16, Philippians 4:19)

The blessings are yours. Don’t stop leaning into God until you are enjoying all of them.



PFNB Book Cover

Don’t forget to stop by Jennifer’s website – – for your free chapter: Seeing Your Spouse through God’s Eyes.

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How to Start Praying with Your Spouse

great tips to use if you want to start praying WITH your husband
Praying for your spouse is an incredibly important investment you can make in your marriage, and it is one that many of you committed to this past month.

Coming off the heels of Valentine’s Day, I want to challenge us to go one step further. Instead of just praying for our spouse, this month, let’s purpose to begin praying with our spouse.

We all have reasons not to begin — busy schedules, insecurity, miscommunication, different interest levels, and constant interruptions are just a few of the obstacles we have to overcome when making the effort to pray together. On top of that, praying together sometimes just feels awkward!

But even though praying together might feel uncomfortable at first, God uses that time of prayer to knit our hearts together. The power of praying together is unmeasured, but pivotal in our marriages!

If you’re struggling to start praying together as a couple, I’m sharing 8 tips over at For the Family to help you get started.

8 Quick Tips to Start Praying with your Spouse

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