When You’re Just Too Busy

When You Need to Slow Down: The First Step in Conquering an Over-Busy Schedule
The best ideas are always thought up in the shower.

I’ve heard that old adage numerous times, and I agree with it, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago, that I was finally struck with why it’s so true. It’s the quiet!!

If like me, you were slow to catch on to the reasoning behind that sage advice, think about it. The shower might be one of the only times you don’t have the world shouting at you — no TV, no music, no people, no social media, no books.

No. other. input.

It’s just you, the hot water, and the quiet.


And suddenly, you can think again.

Life becomes crowded quickly – our minds cluttered, our hearts overwhelmed. Schedules, responsibilities, obligations — and we keep adding to the list!

The more we add, the less rest we find — true in our individual lives, and true within our families. Sporting events, church commitments, work obligations. Extended family, friends, social media. School, work, clubs, and ministry. Our family schedules are bursting at the seams, and we can barely catch our breaths.

I’m writing over at For The Family today — “When You Need to Slow Down: The First Step in Conquering an Over-busy Schedule.”

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Happy New Year

From our family to yours, we wish each one of you a {belated} Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

With much love,

the Dawsons

Oh dear, OOPS!!!!

And that’s what happens when you use dictation and the WordPress app on your phone while carrying a crying baby, parenting two preschoolers, and trying to get your (very scattered) thoughts down for a future blog post!

Oops! Ignore that last post. It was NOT meant to be published, and I’m so sorry to clutter your inbox! I feel terrible!

Eeek!! *hiding behind my hands all red faced and embarrassed!*


It is Time

Praying for each of you as you spend this week with your families, seeking HIM together! May we encounter and respond to Jesus in a new way this Easter season!

Seek the Lord!

Image Credit: my sweet friend, Sarah!

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